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ISEN Lille is a well-known graduate school of engineering located in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in France.

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Our school awards the “diplôme d’ingénieur” endorsed by the French accreditation board for engineering (CTI). ISEN Lille offers a multidisciplinary engineering programme in nine different professional scientific fields.

The student at ISEN Lille is at the heart of an accessible and high value-added scientific training. ISEN Lille develops new ways of learning to meet the challenges of innovation, research and development.

For example, we host a Fablab, which allows our students to design innovative products and build prototypes.

3 majors offered

At Masters 1 and 2 level, after obtaining their Bsc or Beng, as endorsed by the French national engineering accreditation board, ISEN students orient their study plan towards one of the three distinct English taught program on offer at ISEN Lille.
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Majors provided in english

Software engineering
Software and applications development encompasses all elements of the design chain of high-tech products: in embedded systems, middleware and infrastructures. The quantity of data to be processed is ever larger, and methods of collection, storage and analysis are in constant progression.

Embedded Systems (ES) manage precise tasks in complete autonomy and in real time, providing solutions in a variety of economic sectors: energy, health, transport... ES covers a wide range of skills in the fields of energy consumption, integration, data processing and communications.

Digital marketing, mobility, health, environment... Big Data describes sets of data being so voluminous and complex that traditional data-processing application software is no longer able to manage the information. Big Data presents one of the greatest IT challenges of our era and many experts have made Big Data their R&D priority.

Over the last ten years, information and communication technologies (ICT) have been widely applied to the health sector, accelerating the digitalization, standardization, and intelligence of health services.

The course catalogue

Check all the course avalaible on the Course Catalogue on the website of the Catholic University of Lille.


The student life

Thanks to many different clubs and student societies, including the Bureau des Etudiants (Student Union) at the helm, engineering students at ISEN Lille are given ample opportunities to take an active part in the life of the school. Sport, culture, games, film, dance, music, technologies… students are sure to find activities to suit their tastes!

A vibrant city and region !

Lille and the surrounding area is one of the youngest population centres in France, with over 110,000 students. Lille continues to keep pace with this young and active population. Famous art museums such as the Palais des Beaux-Arts; international cultural events such as lille3000; film festivals; concert venues; cinemas; nightclubs and hundreds of bars and restaurants provide the backbeat of the cultural and nocturnal life of the city.

Services to make you feel at home !

As we are part of Lille Catholic University, ISEN students have access to a wide range of services: accommodation, health, university restaurants…Taking responsibilities in the non-for-profit sector or in student organisations is integral in your ISEN Lille training. Student clubs and societies are the heartbeat of life at ISEN throughout the year.

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