A DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) is a real differentiator in business: it attests to the manager's ability to conduct original, academically rigorous and professionally relevant research.

A DBA Because 47% of jobs could disappear within 20 years.


Accessible after five years of higher education, the DBA in Artificial Intelligence & Business is a unique diploma designed by ISEN, one of the engineering schools that make up Junia, which awards the prestigious state-recognised engineering diploma.

The school, renowned for its achievements in the field of digital, technologies and in particular in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, is launching the first doctoral program offered by an engineering in the world. The content of the proposed program is a mix of iA, engineering and management that takes place online !

It takes place over 3 years, with strong supervision from teachers. It is aimed at working professionals determined to prove their expertise in their field...
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of the jobs of 2030 do not exist today
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Our 3 years long DBA is an online program. It allows you to follow your seminars from all over the world and at the time that suits you best.
  • Construction of the review of literature
  • Proposal by the research around Ai and companies
  • writing, analysis data from the methodology
  • Interpretation of the results and at the end of the writing of the thesis of Doctorate
  • Oral defense before the thesis Jury
  • An online DBA offering an expertise in artificial intelligence, without needing to be an expert in programming or computing.

    Some words of the academic director of the program

    For most of my professional career, I have held management positions in a French business school. What really makes this DBA original is the mix of two universes, the scientific universe of an engineering school and the managerial universe of a business school. This dual approach should enrich the experiences and background of each participant and imbue him/her with this dual technological and managerial culture. This PhD is also a great opportunity for each participant to take stock of his or her professional practice, to develop and deepen certain aspects through the realization of his or her research project. This DBA will thus allow everyone to take an important step in the development of their career. You will take this step with us thanks to the support of the program's pedagogical team, a team composed of experienced international professors. Good doctorate. Jean-Claude Grass

    What can our DBA offer

    Our DBA is the only DBA of the world focussing on artificial intelligence, and business. This program will allow you to become an expert of tomorrow’s topic, and do not require any knowledge in programming nor computing.
    Because we offer a quality program, available in multiple languages (French, English, Chinese), our DBA has been ranked 1st DBA of the world, under 3 years of existency by the presigious Dubai Ranking™ in 2020.

    Some of our

    Renowned and qualified professors from prestigious faculties around the world will train and share their experiences with the participants. During the three years, participants will write a doctoral thesis under the supervision of an expert tutor in a field of their choice.
    Winni Johansen
    Professor at the University of Aarhus, Denmark
    Specialized in marketing, crisis communication
    Krish Krishnan
    Professor at Indiana University in Pennsylvania, USA,
    Specialized in the field of marketing, new technologies, Businesses, etc.
    Alexander Melnik
    Professor at ICN Business School France
    Specialized in geopolitics, globalization
    Dr Nicolas Barthe
    Officer in the French Army
    Specialized in Ai and HR
    Dr Jacky Koëhl
    Professor at IAE of Nancy
    Specialized in finance
    Patricia Baudier
    Professor EM Normandie in France
    Specialized in artificial intelligence
    Guy Deloffre
    Professor at ICN Business School France
    Professor at ICN Business School France
    Finn Frandsen
    Professor at the University of Aarhus in Denmark
    Specialized in communication and crisis management
    Sergio Janczak
    Professor at the University of Western Canada
    Specialized in Intercultural Management
    Sophie Sakka
    HDR Professor at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes in France
    Specialized in Robots
    Dr Amang A Ngon
    Professor at the University of Douala
    Specialized in innovation

    Benefits from this DBA

    The program is particularly beneficial for senior managers and successful entrepreneurs, consultants, Master’s or MBA students, engineers - wanting to specialize in research and business.
    A DBA issued by Junia allows participants to increase their salary potential and advance their career.
    Other benefits include acquiring a broader skill set for an ever-changing environment, having greater credibility in interpersonal contexts, and developing an international network for professional advancement.
    Employers benefit from the DBA through the funding of deserving candidates and retaining key talent, while creating knowledge that will help build a real competitive advantage in HR.
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    APPLICATION process
    & requirement

  • Candidates for the DBA will only be selected if they possess strong analytical skills, as well as good academic and executive publishing potential.
  • They should also have international work experience and demonstrate significant professional achievements.
  • The prerequisites are as follows : - A Master/MBA, MS or MSc degree (minimum 90 ECTS) from an accredited institution recognised by the Ministry of Education of the country concerned. Or Validation of at least 3 years of professional experience - For candidates who wish to do the DBA in English, an IELTS score is encouraged but not required - For international candidates who wish to take the DBA in French, a TFI score is encouraged but not required
    Ai Technology will continue to innovate and invent, affecting the world. I have obtained a master's degree in the United Kingdom and the United States, when I learned about ISEN Lille, offers DBA in Ai and Business. I applied right away. Because Ai technology affects global technology and economy is too important. ISEN Lille is the first and the only DBA of the World in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and Business Provide DBA in Ai and Business and a French Conference des Grande Ecole accredited university with a group of well-known professional Professor supervisors.
    Ying-Chueh Shih (Michelle)
    DBA Student

    Our program is also available offline

  • a triple expertise with Junia (France) and NESTOR Ai (USA, France, Dubaï), and ADIONA (China)
  • Academic seminars are held in China, in Shangaï (ADIONA China) with 2 weeks of teaching taking place in France in Paris and Lille (Junia and NESTOR).
  • Renowned professors : coming from prestigious universities they train you and share their experiences.
  • A thesis to write : with the help of a specially selected expert you write your thesis on the chosen subject (a minimum of 30 meetings with the thesis director are planned over the 3 years).
  • A unique program : it is the only DBA in Artificial Intelligence & Business. It provides academic knowledge and in-depth expertise of the sector.
  • The DBA will strongly develop your skills with :
  • Meetings with CEOs and Directors of Innovation, Management, HR, Marketing and Finance of large AI focused companies.
  • Privilegedmeetings, directly within companies : visits to major companies and institutions on request : in Shangaï and Paris
  • Our representatives all over the world

    Prof. Innocent FASSE MBOUYA
    Cameroon Representative
    Olivier Soumah-Mis
    Representative Mexico
    Michelle Shih
    Representative Taïwan
    HE Jie
    Representative China