Digital Health

Over the last ten years, information and communication technologies (ICT) have been widely applied to the health sector, accelerating the digitalization, standardization, and intelligence of health services. Digital Health refers to the application of ICT in support of health and health-related fields and includes public health data, electronic medical records, telemedicine, mobile health applications, personalized medicine, home automation and more. As a new Junia ISEN’s multidisciplinary program, the Digital Health program invites students to discover the realm of digital health, from biology to medicine, to better understand data related to health, and to master advanced digital technology in this emerging sector.
English-taught courses
Introduction to Digital Health3
Java 13
Systems and Networks3
Design of Bio-MEMS Systems3
Artificial Intelligence3
French as a Foreign Language3
Technical Project4
Bioinformatics 3
Bioinformatics 2
Data Base 3
MEMS Applications: Biology and Clinics3
Advanced Machine Learning2
Electives (choose one): Android or Internet of Things3
Humanities & Management5
Technical Project7
Three-month Internship10
Artificial Intelligence Applied to Health3
Health Data Management3
Cloud Computing and Architecture3
Urbanization of IT services2
Responsability activity
Project Management
Management Skills
Intercultural Communication


Telehealth, Telemedicine, Mobile health …

Job opportunities

Health data analyst, Engineer in biostatistics, Application development engineer in digital health, Project leader in digital health…